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Where once upon a time people frolicked on these beaches naked as the day they were born, da’ Pink Chicken now stands. The old timers tell the tale of way back when the flamingos would run with the chickens and the first pink chicken was seen. Over the years you would hear tell of a pink chicken being glimpsed here and there, always around sunset.


After years of research, interviews and many nights stalking the bird (while drinking Kalik) we have created a statue of the famous Pink Chicken. Now after enjoying a relaxing visit to the beach bar you can see da’ Pink Chicken sitting on the roof, every night!









Da’ Pink Chicken Beach Bar is a simple place, environmentally sound, powered only by the sun and gravity, we are open most of the time from noon till sunset. Relax and take in the view, try your skills with dominos or play a round of golf on our 3-hole course. On the full moon there will be dining and drinks into the night.


You can’t go wrong with da Chicken and Cat Island.


Enjoy the place and do nothing!

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